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          • Enterprise Mission
            Leading the advanced construction culture, Creating the healthy humanistic environment

            Mission is the reason why a company exists. It is also an internal sign that a company is different from others.It is the value orientation and career orientation of a company's business, indicating what a company should contribute to the economy and society.It can be explained as the distinctive ability to serve customers or markets, or the technology used.

            In view of this, we refine our missions and interpret them as following:

            Leading the advanced construction culture
            ——We are the passionate pacemaker of the advanced architectural culture. 
            Create Healthy Cultural Environment
            ——We are the active creator of healthy cultural environment.

          • Enterprise Prospect
            Become the Right Constructor  

            Prospect ,the hope that a company hold for the future, can also be called perspective. It is a long-term struggling goal that a company set for itself. It vividly describes the moving direction of a company, the position that the company will be or the vision of the future created by the company.
            For that reason, we refined our own prospect from different aspects and interpret it as following:
            Become the Right Constructor
            ——Become the right career delegator for constructors.
            ——Become the right project delegator for construction investor.
            ——Become the right business delegator for relevant construction parties. 

          • Enterprise Core Value
            Pragmatic Execution, Scientific Innovation and Mutual Benefit

            The core value is the standard of value and behavior for a company. Moreover,it is the basic belief about the objective things, the judge about stand or fall, good and evil and beauty or ugliness and the retentively fixed element of enterprise’s culture.
            Pragmatic Execution
            ——It is our working style that is down to earth and matching words with
            deeds.(From the perspective of customers)
            Scientific Innovation
            ——It is our working method that is progressive and innovative.( From the perspective of social development)
            ——It is our working mode that is teamwork and harmonious development.( From the perspective of employees and relevant parties)  

          • Enterprise Slogan
            Create perfect living space for love and family

            Love is the greatest and the most pure emotion. Fearless love is our spiritual motive power to struggle. A world, full of love, is our goal. 
            Buildings provide people not only with a place for producing, living and activing but also with perfect living space that can give visual pleasure and spiritual enjoyment to people. Buildings should reflects the higher spiritual pursuit of beyond materials. 

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